The Car – 2018 Spec

This is the car as raced in 2018 – the current specification can be found here.

The car started out with me as a completely standard BMW E36 328i saloon in SE spec, painted Montreal Blue and built in 1997. Over the last four years, it has been developed into a competition car with a simple approach – maximum performance for minimum investment. Here’s a summary of its specification as it finished the 2018 season:


  • MSA-approved Safety Devices bolt-in roll cage with welded feet – cross door bars both sides, cross rear bar
  • Cobra Evolution Pro-Fit FIA-approved driver’s seat with FIA-approved OMP 802 six-point harness. Cobra Monaco Pro passenger’s seat, also with OMP 802s, fitted when required.
  • FIA-approved plumbed-in 4kg Lifeline fire extinguisher and electrical cut-off, both with internal and external triggers


  • 2.8-litre M52B28 straight six, five-speed manual gearbox. M50 inlet manifold conversion.
  • 220bhp @ 5750rpm
  • 294Nm @ 4700rpm
  • 3.91 BMW LSD freshly rebuilt to >40% lockup


  • Gaz Gold adjustable suspension, Eibach adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Nankang AR-1 225/45R17 racing semi-slick tyres
  • Performance Friction 08-compound endurance racing brake pads
  • Standard 62-litre fuel tank, approx. 90 racing minutes’ fuel range


  • 1238kg without driver
  • 0-60mph approx 6 seconds
  • 131mph top speed – 7000rpm rev limiter in 5th

The car has covered just over 192,000 miles, and to my knowledge the engine and gearbox have never been replaced or even rebuilt, and the clutch is original. Over five seasons, it has competed in seven sprints and twelve races, along with three dozen track days shared between fifteen different drivers at last count. Despite this, mechanical reliability is outstanding and the car has seen the chequered flag at every single event it has entered.

The specification for the 2017 season can be found here.