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“The season gets underway!” – uploaded 7th July

After an extended hiatus due to Covid-19, the 2020 race season finally starts in July. It’s nothing short of action-packed for McKee Motorsport, with 12 races at seven different meetings and no fewer than seven different drivers in the venerable E36.


“We are racing from July!” – uploaded 27th May

Motorsport UK have announced that permits will be issued for race events from 4th July, so our 2020 calendars finally start to take shape.

Some thoughts about resuming racing, updates on work done on the car over the past week, and some from Club Enduro competitor John Munro:

– If you could choose any 3 cars from Club Enduro to have a shot at racing for a one-off event, which would you choose and why?

– You can have 5 years in BTCC and then nothing, or 10 full seasons racing in club level motorsport. Which would you go for, and why?


Vol 10, 17th May:

This will be my last daily Q&A video, I’m going to move to weekly or twice-weekly vlogs with whatever content you’d most like to see. More questions if you have them, of course, but it could also be race videos, circuit guides, details about the car or anything else you can think of.

Let me know what you’d like to see!

– Recommendations for Club Enduro / Britcar please, must be RWD with £15k build budget.

– When and how do you think you developed your sense of car control? Could you pinpoint any particular occasion where you feel like you learned something new in that car / on that track day / in that race?

Questions from the Commentary Box, 16th May:

A second set of questions from commentator Josh Barrett, this time looking at the types of racing available at club level and what I’d most like to see.

– Your thoughts on one-make vs multi-marque vs multi-class racing?

– Your ‘coolest’ club racing category, past or present?

– What race series would you like to see that’s not currently on the market?


Questions from the Commentary Box, 15th May:

Today, questions from motorsport commentator Josh Barrett about endurance racing at the club level.

– How did you find doing one-hour stints in the BMW for the first time?

– Do you have appetite for longer races in Club Enduro, and do you think the cars could take it?

– Do you think a club-level production 24hr race could work again, à la Willhire?


Vol 7, 14th May:

Q&A Round 7 deals with some pressing business and then goes into the background of the car, its development and my choices in race series.

I’ve run through the list now, so if there’s anything you’d like to know or details on the car you’d like to see, ask away!

– Arising from yesterday’s walkaround, where is the pink dinousaur?!

– Did you purchase the BMW for trackdays or racing, or did you already have it?

– What made you choose 750 Motor Club to go racing?

– What’s the best modification you’ve made to your car since you first raced it?


Walkaround, 13th May:

Today I recorded a walkaround of my BMW E36 328i endurance racing car. I’ll show you around some of the changes made to convert a standard road car into something which can go circuit racing, and talk through the requirements and the reasons behind them.

If there are any other parts of the car you’d like to see or hear more about, let me know and I’ll shoot some more!


Vol 6, 12th May:

Q&A Round Six , following a quick update on work on the car today. We’re looking forward this time.

– What forms of non-circuit racing would you like to try?

– Scrutineering: how much “to the letter” does the car have to be?

– What are your thoughts on the future of club racing in the UK?

– What are your hopes for your current corner of the sport? Where would you like to see it go?


Vol 5, 11th May:

Q&A Round Five, covering 24hr racing, circuit top picks, the experience of running a race meeting and how pole position feels.

– Would you do another 2CV 24hr, even if it meant fewer races in your season?

– What’s your favourite circuit that you’ve driven…
…and which would you most like to drive?

– If you could take any corner from an international circuit and bring it to the UK, which and where would you put it?

– What assumptions or expectations have you had thoroughly rearranged for you since starting out?

– Are there any defining moments which “made” racing for you, inspired you? What makes it so rewarding?


Vol 4, 10th May

Q&A Round Four, and the topics diversify yet further! Thank you all, and please do keep more questions coming in for me. I enjoyed these ones.

– What makes a good race car?

– What’s going to break? What spares should you plan to bring?

– Talk about times where competitors have surprised you – what did you learn from them?


Vol 3, 9th May:

Q&A Round Three, with a great set of questions for those looking at starting club racing. Thank you all again, and keep the questions coming!

– What have you felt essential knowledge when starting in motorsport, and what have you had to learn quickly?

– What are the running costs for racing the BMW over a season, and are they what you expected?

– Looking back, is there anything you’d have done differently?

– I’ve been to races as a spectator and a mechanic, but what might catch me out when I turn up to race my own car?


Vol 2, 8th May:

Here’s the second round of answers to your questions. The response to this has been brilliant – thank you all so much.

The list continues, and if you think of anything else you’d like to know, ask away!

– Unlimited budget. What car, what series, and what track?

– Would you rather give up sex or racing?

– Pit stop timing in an endurance race: If you share the drive and therefore the costs, do you aim for both drivers having half of the race? If you had the freedom: would you pit earlier or later for better strategy?

– Can my pit crew be a bunch of drunk mates who like cars?

– What’s your favourite car you’ve ever driven?


Vol 1, 7th May:

Here’s the first round of answers from yesterday’s questions. Thank you all the questions asked so far – there are more still to do tomorrow, and if you think of anything else you’d like to know, add it to my list!

– What’s the silliest mistake you’ve made?

– What’s it been like going from sole driver to sharing the car?

– Who’s been your favourite co-driver?

– What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned from racing?

– Which drive did you find most exhilarating?