2021: Matt Gilby

The first new entrant of the season was Matt Gilby, entering the Trackday Trophy race with me at Donington Park in April. Matt last drove the E36 on a circuit in 2013, when it had leather seats and some very, very different handling characteristics! This didn’t stop him coming down from racing a Ma7da at Oulton Park the day before to jump straight into qualifying on a packed circuit.

Come the race, a cloudburst of rain and hail pretty much as the cars lined up on the grid would put the wind up anyone – though Matt’s nerves didn’t hold him back from fully committing the car. He raced hard right from the off, slotting the car anywhere it could fit as he fought up the field and landing many entries for Lunge of the Year under braking into Redgate in particular! Matt drove a really impressive race with sharp reflexes to manage an unfamiliar car in dramatically changeable conditions. Some going for his second car & circuit in as many days!

2021 Season Review & Drivers