2021 Season Review

The plans for a new season bigger and better than ever are already well underway, but before revealing any of that I want to reflect on the frankly astonishing experience of 2021 as McKee Motorsport.

That was my fifth season racing the E36, and the proudest yet. You know that I’m always fiercely proud of this car and what she can do week in, week out – this time she netted us eight trophies from fourteen appearances in some of the closest fought series available. 57% of all entries finished on the podium? Passing her 200,000th mile on the way? Load her up and drive her home afterwards?! It’s the superlative expression of clubman racing, I love it, yet that’s not what makes me most proud.

The drivers I’ve shared the 2021 season with have absolutely excelled themselves. What they have achieved behind the ‘wheel of this car, what you see in these photos, is beyond anything I could have imagined.

There have been d├ębuts scoring podiums, there have been lap records, there has been a Driver of the Day, and there’s been a full championship campaign culminating in finishing third in the standings. These are just a handful of highlights; I’ll pay homage individually to everyone who’s raced with me, who’s put their trust in me and my car again & anew this past year.

Matt Gilby
Daryl Bennett
Jonathan Pascall
Dan Trent
Iain Thornton
Rob Dowsett
..and some words on myself.

To everyone who made that season happen; who sent words of support or encouragement or piss-taking; whose hands and help kept the show on the road; who lifted my chin when I needed it..
You all know who you are.
Thank you.