December 2020

Happy Christmas to me!

Even as the E36 is booked up for her busiest season yet, with four drivers already committed to competing beside me in 2021, I found I had another itch I just needed to scratch. I loved my brief time racing in the 750 Motor Club Ma7da Series this year, and I couldn’t resist getting out there again next season. Luckily for me, seasoned Classic Stock Hatch racer and 2019 Club Enduro Class C Champion Imran Khan felt the same and together, we’ve bought ourselves a racing car.

This car competed in the 2020 Locost Championship at the hands of David Mason, and its chassis is exactly what we need to build ourselves a Ma7da. We’ll be removing its current Locost-spec 1300 Ford Crossflow engine to make way for the 1.8 VVT engine from a Mk2 MX-5. The finished car will weigh only around 560kg yet produce 140bhp. It’ll be quicker around a circuit than its E36 stablemate, and give us access to thrilling wheel-to-wheel sprint racing of the very highest quality.

I feel very lucky to have found a likeminded co-conspirator to join me in my most ambitious project yet! Imran and I have bought the car in equal share and will do the conversion and prep work together, documenting our progress here for you as we head towards both racing the car later in 2021.

Stay tuned…