The Car – 2017 Spec

This is the car as raced in 2017 – the current specification can be found here.

2017 was the car’s first season as a racing car. Most components were left as they had ran on track days for the first few races, with some upgrades coming during the season – most notably uprated anti-roll bars, a dramatically improved limited-slip differential, more focused brake pads and a winged fibreglass driver’s seat.


  • MSA-approved Safety Devices bolt-in roll cage with welded feet – cross door bars both sides, cross rear bar
  • To August 2017: Cobra Monaco Pro FIA-approved driver’s seat
  • From August 2017: Cobra Evolution Pro-Fit FIA-approved driver’s seat
  • FIA-approved OMP 802 six-point harness.
  • FIA-approved plumbed-in 4kg Lifeline fire extinguisher and electrical cut-off, both with internal and external triggers


  • 2.8-litre straight six, five-speed manual gearbox
  • 200bhp @ 5500rpm
  • 280Nm torque
  • To August 2017: 3.15 BMW LSD, factory original 3.0 M3 part, circa 25% lockup
  • From August 2017: 3.91 BMW LSD freshly rebuilt to >40% lockup


  • HSD Dualtech adjustable suspension
  • To June 2017: Factory M-Tech anti-roll bars
  • From June 2017: Eibach adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Nankang NS-2R 16” tyres – 100-treadwear race compound
  • To August 2017: Performance Friction Z-rated track/road brake pads
  • From August 2017: Performance Friction 08-compound endurance racing brake pads
  • Standard 62-litre fuel tank, approx. 90 racing minutes’ fuel range


  • 1250kg without driver
  • 0-60mph approx 6 seconds
  • To August 2017: 150mph top speed – drag-limited
  • From August 2017: 122mph top speed – rev limiter in 5th