Get Involved

If you like what you see on these pages and want to find out more or get involved, we’d love to help. This website exists almost entirely to give an honest and open account of what club motorsport involves, how it works, what we’ve discovered and how you could go about it yourself. Finally taking the plunge and going racing was one of the best decisions I’ve made – it turned out that most of the worries I’d had were unfounded, the stories I’d heard (mostly around cost!) were exaggerated, and that the community is even better than I could have expected. We want to make more aspiring racers realise that they too really could do this.

If you want to discover what club motorsport really looks like, by far the best way is to come along to a race meeting. The calendar shows all the meetings we’ll be at – spectator tickets are generally only £10-20, and unlike big-name events like BTCC or F1, access all areas is a given. A standard entry ticket will get you everywhere from the viewing areas to the pit garages, so it’s easy to get close to the cars and talk to the teams and drivers. We’d be more than happy to host you, show you around the car and answer any questions you might have. A club meeting typically runs more than half a dozen championships every day, with qualifying through the morning and races back-to-back all afternoon, so there’s no shortage of action to watch!

If you fancy coming to a race meeting, drop us a message on social media or by email. We usually have a pit garage (complete with kettle!), and try to post the garage number the night before the event, so we’re easy to find.

We’re also at a variety of track days over the course of the season, for practice and testing. While these won’t give you the true flavour of a race meeting, they’re free to spectate at, and for a nominal fee of £5-10 you can sign on as a passenger and go out on the circuit with any driver who’ll take you. If we have a passenger seat in the car that day, that includes us!

But it needn’t stop there. You could drive the car too – and if you want to improve your track driving skills, or you’re interested in going racing in a similar car or series, we recommend you do so! Events can be tailored to suit your needs, but as an example, a full day’s hire of the car with an instructor can be arranged for as little as £600. If you come along to a track day we’re already running on, we could arrange a taster session for a small contribution to the season budget.

Photograph by Jon Simes

The car has been developed to be approachable, durable and great fun to drive. All the controls are the same as a standard road car and it’s not daunting to take out on a circuit, but it’s capable of pace that belies its mild manners. To date, fourteen different people have driven it on track days and three have raced it – we want to see both of those numbers rise, so get in touch if you’re interested!